We celebrated Mom’s 90th birthday in December but with just her 6 children and spouses because of COVID … our gift to her was a family trip scheduled for this week. Not everyone is able to attend but we arrived today and I think she’s pretty happy!

With 3 of her 6 children and Keith and Curt – 2 of her son-in-laws

With 5 of her grandchildren …

With 8 of her great-grandchildren

And isn’t that backdrop gorgeous? Keith found us a great house to rent and we were out on the deck for the photos and a good part of the evening … most of the grandkids and great grandkids are just staying for the weekend and are sleeping at a nearby hotel.


  1. What a wonderful event Mary. You all must be so happy to be able to gather together with your mom. I love the pictures. Memories are precious, and you are creating some wonderful ones.

  2. Have a great celebration of your wonderful mother. It is great that so much of your family was able to come. Great pictures and great memories for everyone, especially the great grandchildren. I miss my parent every day and they are both gone 10+ years.

  3. Beautiful pictures, I’d love to spend a week there too. Have a great time with your mother.

  4. 19 family members were able to travel to Tennessee? You are all so very blessed to be part of such a large wonderful family! Hope your weather is perfect. Enjoy every minute!!

  5. We are having a family reunion/delayed 50th anniversary weekend. Last night was the first time in 13 years that all nine of my siblings were together. Making precious memories!
    Looks like you are enjoying family time as well!

  6. There are sure a lot of happy smiles in those group pix. That is a perfect gift – time together with family in a lovely relaxing location. Enjoy every minute!

  7. The photo “backdrop” is gorgeous – Keith found a great spot. I love seeing families celebrate happy occasions. Happy Belated/Early Birthday to your Mom!

  8. So happy for you all! Thanks for sharing. It’s so fun to see the multiple generations.

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