We’re home

I’m SO tired but we had a wonderful visit with Mom. The boys were able to visit with us on Friday but by Sunday Mo had a cough so in an abundance of caution, we did not visit with them on Sunday evening as planned.

Some quality time with Pop too!

In spite of the change in plans, the boys enjoyed some time together too.

We picked Finn up this afternoon on the way home and he was happy to see us. And my calendar reminds me that we lost Chesty 7 years ago today … I still miss him. We’ve been so lucky to have had Chesty and Finn in our lives.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Our doggies are a special part of our lives. I miss my Sally and Lady too. I have Harley now. They are each their own “person”.

  2. Such good photos! The one of the kids with Keith is priceless! I’m glad you all had a great time together.

    Our furry friends definitely make our lives richer. My daughter’s golden retriever has been sick and was going back to the vet this morning. We were awfully worried about him while kid and dog sitting on Saturday because he just wasn’t himself. Hope they figure out and solve whatever is going on with him.

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