It’s too big to lay out for another photo now that the border is on but Maureen’s Star top has been assembled and it reminded me why I hate making king size quilts! Too bad I still need to make another one or two for me. I’m setting this aside until next month when it will be quilted.


  1. It’s a beautiful quilt and I hope she has a sense of how many hours and how much work you put into it. But it does sound like taking a break and doing another project is a good idea.

  2. I’m ready to attach the last two strips on my blue/white QOV. It’s no where near king size though. Your quilt is a beauty.

  3. Muscling those big ones around is a pain! I keep forgetting about that when I start a new one.

  4. King and Queen sized quilts are just a wrestling match! It’s beautiful however! I just put borders on one queen sized top, and I’m working on binding another queen sized quilt. That one is so heavy!

  5. I wanted a picture of mine so when my brother was visiting, he and my husband went outside to hold it for me. Even then, it was difficult, they were included in the quilt pictures. Glad you have it done now, except for the quilting.

  6. It seems like most people have a king size bed though and that is what they’d like to be gifted… My small domestic machine can’t handle that (nor my arms) so on the two occasions I’ve made a huge quilt I’ve quilted it in four sections and then joined the sections later… Not a great solution but the only one I can come up with…

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