I hadn’t picked up a bear this year on the cameras although Keith said a neighbor saw one walking down the street a couple months ago. I was a bit shocked when I checked the cameras this evening and found this video … Keith was in his office, I was in the sewing room and neither of us saw anything.


  1. That was really lose to the house in daylight. I am guessing you are safe but I now nothing about bears except I terrified myself in Glacier National Park by taking a trail that was labeled as bear intensive on the front end from where we started. Saw nothing but I panicked anway.

  2. Be careful. I saw a young woman who was attacked in Yellowstone by a bear. They are so dangerous. He is kinda skinny and will be looking for food.

  3. There are three animals I’m terrified of. bears are one, then sharks and alligators. Be careful around your place. Please keep food and garbage stored in a bear proof place. Up in Lake Tahoe area of Calif. bears have been breaking into homes, breaking windows, and pushing down doors to gain access to homes in search of food.

  4. That is one fearsome creature!! We heard about bears on our beach path to the ocean, but haven’t encountered any–thankfully–take care…hugs, Julierose

  5. We have had a bear within 6 feet of our patio doors. The bear destroyed the bird feeder. We have since removed them for the past 4 months. I love to feed the birds but not the bears here in Connecticut.

  6. I didn’t realize there were bears in your area too. Good video, but I would have been pretty shocked.

  7. We have bears here but don’t often see them but we know they are aroung. They are so quiet that you can be outside and never know that tthey passed by. We also don’t feed the birds during the summer as the bears love bird feeders! That looks like a “yearling” that mama bear has probably kicked out and he’s searching for food. My friend was working in her front yard and as she went in her front door a young bear went out the back! He had climbed through the screen on her storm door! He had helped himself to some food on the table and took some bagels with him! He came back a few days later as my friend, her son and granddaughter were eating lunch-banging on the back door to join them. it was closed and locked so he wasn’t able to enter. The DEC tried to trap him but were unsuccessful but it’s believed he was killed during bear season.

  8. My son was a nature guide in upstate New York. I was always afraid of running into a (black) bear while we were out hiking. He said, “if you want to see a bear, look up. They can hear you, see you, smell you long before you arrive. They and their cubs will be up in a tree, looking down. The problem might be startling them if the wind is quite strong!” It seems like there have been a lot of hungry bear stories lately, however. And grizzlies are a completely different story!

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