The first Happy Block top is assembled!

One pair will be a challenge for the boy to find … one fabric had a variety of vehicles and I wasn’t thinking when I cut the two squares … one has a fire truck and one a school bus …. Hopefully it won’t frustrate him too much! All the others should be easy to match up.

I’ve got the 2nd one cut and all ready to sew. In the past when I’ve made these scrappy Happy Blocks with HeartStrings I’ve just sewn a bunch of blocks ( enough for 2 or more quilts) and then tossed them up on the design wall and moved them around. This time I’m making them as iSpy quilts and each novelty fabric is in the quilt twice, that means I want them spaced out, and the frame colors to work well with their neighbors so it’s easier to plan it all out like this … on the first one I was constantly checking the placement as I cut and sewed … this one will be quicker to grab and sew since the placement is already planned out.

There are a number of different versions of these Happy Blocks on the website. As I mentioned, you can cut them any size you want. For these I’m making 30 blocks using squares cut 5.5 inches. Frames are cut 2.5 inches — the block will finish at 9 inches (9.5 with seam allowances and the quilts will finish at 45 x 54.

Here are the links to Happy Blocks on the website


  1. What a great idea to lay out the cut pieces on the design wall rather than sewing the blocks first; less frustrating.

  2. Such a great pattern for an I Spy quilt. I need to make one for my great granddaughter. I have already made her 4 quilts and think her mother might frown on another one. Oh well…

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