I’ve got partial strips of the solids I’m using for the Happy blocks leftover … enough of them to use in their own quilt with the novelty scraps … so I debated something with a 9 patch or a 4 patch … I pulled a “neutral” and a possible framing border this afternoon.

Tonight, I just had to give some double 4 patch blocks a try. It’s BUSY! Now I’m trying to decide if it’s too busy and I’m waffling … I can always make a doll quilt with the blocks so I think I will make a few more blocks before I decide whether or not to abandon the child size quilt and just use the blocks in a doll quilt. Nine blocks would work size wise for the doll quilt so I’ll start with that and then make my decision.


  1. Mary, those primary colours are enough to bring joy to any kid’s heart, this one included. Please make a bed size quilt with these.

  2. I think the solids in the 4-patches will help keep this from being too busy. It will be cute, no matter which option you decide on – kid sized or doll sized.

  3. This one is perfect for a child! The brights give it such attraction for the little ones! Love it!

  4. You could always sash the blocks to make it less busy. I often do that to quiet down busy blocks.

  5. I like this. A child would love this. Nice bright colors and the prints would make it fun to play I spy.
    The rows of the bright colors look good in this small sample. Would be great on larger quilt.

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