Thanks for the feedback

I made the 9 blocks and after reading your feedback, I decided I’d continue on and make this a child size quilt as I intended. It is BUSY … but as I get more blocks made it’s just kind of fun. I’m tossing all kinds of novelty leftovers in this one!

I’m not pressing that last seam in the block until I’ve finished making them and have moved things around and am happy with the layout. I am planning a narrow finishing border just to frame the whole thing in the black print. Just 2 or 3 inches because I do not have much of that fabric.

I was supposed to be quilting this afternoon and I did piece a batting from leftovers and load a quilt on the longarm but storms were threatening most of the afternoon and I don’t turn the longarm on when I hear thunder!

Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow and I’ll quilt. The rest of these blocks will go much quicker now that all the novelty squares have been cut – there are two of each one in this Double Four Patch I-Spy quilt too just like the Happy Blocks ones I just pieced.


  1. The child that receives your quilt is absolutely going to adore it! It’s bright, busy and fun, all things that children love!

  2. Hi Mary. I didn’t see the earlier posts about this quilt until I got home from work tonight. I actually think the busier a quilt for a child the better. So I love your blocks. I made a sort if I-spy quilt for my new grandson recently using a panel of Australian native animals. It looks great but I wish I’d gone a bit wilder which is why I think your style of quilt for this one will be so much better than what I produced. Of course, it will be loved, but I think your busy quilt is so much more of a hit!

  3. Looking good Mary. Like you, I won’t turn my long arm on when storm is threatening. I like what you are doing with this quilt

  4. I make busy quilts for kids. Regarding my quiIts, I say, “if you want a place for the eye to rest, look away!”

  5. I agree with you, this is a fun for kids quilt and these are the quilts that are very well used and loved.

  6. mary. these types of quilts are great learning tools for kids. ‘can you find two blocks that are the same?’ ‘can you find a cat’. why don’t you look and let me know what you find’. i love making these for kids. they are fun for the moms and other adults also. sometimes the fabric will remind them of something in their childhood and it opens a conversation. i personally love this quilt. i like the simple ones of only squares also. enjoy. patti in florida

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