It’s insanely busy but it’s FUN! The I-Spy Double 4 patch top is done.

Brief quilt notes can be found on the website at this link.

At times like this I LOVE my big board. I’ve been suffering though a major bout of sciatica the last month and not having to crawl on the floor to measure and pin borders is a bonus!

See that bin on the left side of the photo above?! It’s times like this when I know I have no hope of ever using up the stash. I’ve pieced 3 tops from this bin of leftover novelty fabrics in the last week and you’d never know. Not that I mind it still being full. I love making these kids quilts and there will be many more Happy Block quilts in my future.

Every time I looked out the window today there were deer in the yard. This one strolled right by the window.


  1. Sorry to hear about you pain in the tush. Sciatica is really a pain in the…..
    Your quilt is such a good reminder of how we can use those small pieces and simple squares to make a great quilt. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your I-spy double 4 patch. It’s not too busy. Some child will love finding all the things. Great fun job.

  3. i think it’s gorgeous! you hardly make quilts that busy but sometimes one here and there is ok esp if they work, which this one does…yeah, every afternoon gets dark and then thunder/rain…

  4. I am certain some child will love this as much as I! Can you find the pandas? School bus? Aliens? What great fun!
    I am also certain that all scraps and yarn multiple in the dark 🙂 Ask me how I know!

  5. I just moved my novelty prints to a bin last night in hopes to focus more on them and get some kids quilts pieced. Sure hoping my bin empties quickly!!

  6. Those scraps just have babies while you were sleeping, I know that mine do. I am sorry you have had pain, as a fellow sufferer I know what that is like.

  7. It’s a really cute quilt! Yesterday I saw a wee baby fawn standing in the road, cars just stopped till it left. Something magical about it.

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