Another bear!

I was laying down on the heating pad this afternoon when Finn started growling … that usually means he hears a deer outside the bedroom window. I checked the cameras and there was nothing caught on video out back so this one must have just been out of camera range until he walked from the driveway up the sidewalk and was caught on one of the front cameras! I went into Keith’s office to show him the video and the bear was outside his window crossing the street. Looks about the same size as the one last week so maybe he’s moved into the neighborhood?!

There won’t be any sewing today – I was cleaning the house getting ready for company and am paying for it dearly. The sciatica pain is intense. At this rate, I’m going to have to go in and have it looked at since I’ve given it over a month of “self” care and it’s just getting worse.


  1. Oh wow, I think you have a new neighbor. I would be looking for bear repellents!! Sciatica pain is horrible!! Been there and it is not a quick recovery unfortunately. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh, Mary. I FEEL your pain. I’ve had several bouts of sciatica over the past 2-3 years. Physical therapy was the best solution for me.Heat and electrical stimulation plus exercises got me back to “functioning.” Never know what triggers it or why is gets worse and then better. One of the most aggravating of conditions. It just leaves you gasping sometimes. Last year I was using a walker to get around in the house for a few weeks. Really made me feel so vulnerable as I’m now a widow and living by myself.Ugh.

    Take it easy, and go see your primary care Dr to get more suggestions and/or meds. Hope you get better quickly. Gentle hugs.

  3. Sciatica is no fun and as the doctor at the hospital said when I went in in my early 60s-Just get used to it. Not enough muscle strength but too much activity. He gave me exercises but admitted he didn’t do them every day himself.

    Bear! Hopefully it is not taking up residence.

  4. Nice looking bear. Doesn’t look too big – maybe a youngster, starting a new life away from Mum?
    Hope you get some relief from your pain. Have you ever had a slipped disc?

  5. Oh noooo–not that dreaded sciatica again, Mary!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that mine doesn’t recur!! Long car rides don’t help at all…I am icing and resting a lot with my herniated disk…trying to walk more…take care of yourself and don’t overdo…hugs and good wishes Julierose

  6. i’d say he’s just scoping out the territory….probably more afraid of you than you of him…

  7. That little bear was probably on his own – mom probably booted him for the new litter. He’s probably trying to figure out life on his own. He’s pretty tiny compared to the ones I see in my yard. We have lots and lots of bears!

  8. Hope you are able to find some relief for your sciatica. It is so easy to overdo it. Good that you have Finn as your bear alert warning.

  9. I tried accupuncture for my sciatica and it really helped. I walked out of the first appointment with very little pain. I keep going back now and then for “insurance” against it.
    That little bear is a busy one. Keep finn close to you

  10. Sciatic pain is no joke! Hope you find the relief you need. While the bear is awfully cute, I think I’d pass on having him as a neighbor 🙂

  11. Hope that sciatic pain goes away quickly. That is miserable! My grandkids think your bear is pretty cute as long as he doesn’t visit OUR yard.

  12. not good Mary. Hope your sciatic pain improves quickly. These things always happen when we are time poor – guess your company are coming to see you not the house. Hugs and hope you get some relief soon. Don’t know what I would like least – sciatic pain or bears!

  13. Please take care! Sometimes a month isn’t enough. I’m been going through levels of pain and numerous doctors since April and I’m still on pain killers. No crawling around the floor for me either!

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