More leftovers

This was NOT the quilt I intended to start today but I have decided I need to make more of the quilts I’ve drafted … this is one I designed years ago for Mom. Just a novelty fabric with an alternate block. The fish are leftover from another quilt and I had less than a yard so it worked out for this quilt. Then I dug in my leftover jelly roll strip bin for the alternate blocks.

I had two each of the blue and red strips so I’m using those in the corners and the other multicolored leftovers in the center 4 patches.

Since standing/walking is the most pain free position with the sciatica it’s easy to keep up with my daily walk/hike. I’m also doing stretches/yoga each day.


  1. Great photo – a DEER and a DEAR 🙂

    Hope your pain level is getting better with all that exercise.

  2. The quilt looks great. Sorry about the sciatica, I have it from time to time. I actually had to change cars because of it. It’s extremely painful and difficult to get it in remission.

  3. What a great way to use up the fish fabric , so bright and happy !
    Hope your sciatica will get under control , pain is always hard .

  4. Ugh sorry to hear about the sciatica; it seems like its been going on for a long time, eh? I work with a chiropractor on hip and lower back pain and slowly it seems to be helping, but no fun while its going on.

    Hopefully you will wake up pain free in the morning!


  5. Hope that sciatica is improving each day. The fish fabric mixed with the colors – very fun and bright. Kids will love it.

  6. I love the way you found to use up leftovers and still have a great quilt design!! Hope your sciatica pain subsides soon. I’m in a flare up too and have been doing lots of exercises/stretches to get it back under control before my long flight to Croatia on Labor Day.

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