More trees!

It’s done! We closed on the lot next to us today and now we own more trees …. and won’t have anyone building on this side of us.

We live on a nice little dead street near the largest lake here in Big Canoe. There are just 9 houses and 2 unbuilt lots. The corner lot was bought in April of this year and they intend to build on it. The lot next to us just came up for sale this month and Keith agreed with me that we should snatch it up before someone bought and wanted to build on it.

In the satellite photo below, the lot just purchased is outlined in blue and our house is on the lot to the left of it. That gives us a nice amount of elbow room!


  1. That spot looks great Mary. I love a bit of space around me. Our 5 acres is in the middle of the woods, not near a lake. There is a small pond and a beaver dam on a small brook bounding our acres. I know you enjoy wildlife movement so the additional lot will increase the opportunity for them to move and habitate.

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