I’m so tired!

I’m probably not resting enough and my sciatica/ disc pain is still bothering me a fair amount but I’m trying to get everything finished up before we travel.

Today, I got Finn to grooming … he wouldn’t sit still for a photo but he’s a handsome boy!

Every time Keith and I drive somewhere or arrive home it seems the girls are gathered in the yard by the driveway … it’s crazy how comfortable they are just hanging out.

I did get one last top quilted today – a big one! This 72 x 90 inch HeartStrings top was sent to me by AnnG. Pantograph is Flounce and now all 12 donation tops that I had here (sent to me in May and June by AnnG, Suzanne, and Sue) are quilted. There are 3 more to bind and they’ll all be donated within the next month or so along with a stack of mine. It’s been a productive summer.


  1. Love your herd!! They know you are not going to hurt them so they like to hang out where it feels safe to them🥰🥰.

    And congrats o getting all those quilted quilted!! The back of my longarm table is full of “stuff.” Need to do a deep clean so I can finish the poor quilt that been on the frame for MONTHS😳😳😱😱🙏🙏

  2. Such elegant company you are keeping Mary. What a beautiful photo, and it feels so good knowing these creatures feel safe enough to rest with you.

  3. I have found that rest is a key component to feeling less pain…at least for me…
    take it easy on yourself–especially with a trip coming up…I am just now able to take some longer drives around our area without pain afterward…Take care of yourself
    hugs, Julierose

  4. Finn looks so cute, sorry, handsome is better for a male. Your girls feel safe with you and they will keep coming back to visit. Sorry the pain is still with you but I think maybe rest is needed, your body is telling you something and you need to pay attention. I found that heat and ice helped. The quilt you finished is so pretty, I love the red center strips.

  5. I too had sciatica. My Dr. put me on muscle relaxers which worked for a short time and then the pain from sciatica returned. He finally sent me to a physical therapist. He had me do some exercises in the office and did a deep massage on my left leg. Said I could make more appts to see him if necessary. Within 3 days, I had no pain and continue to have no pain. I feel for you as I lived with this for almost 2 years. Its not fun. Hope yours will go away soon too.

  6. Finn is absolutely adorable. You just want to snuggle with this little one. The deer must feel safe with you. Nice picture as long as the Buck is not there.
    This is so neat to see a deer laying calmly and looking toward you
    I had surgery one time and the Anesthesiologist asked me for my Relaxing Imagine so I gave it to him. He gave it back to me as he started my anesthesia. It was I was sitting at the edge of a pasture in Riudoso,N,M,. Across the field was a deer and she saw me. There are trees all around and the sky is blue with a few white clouds. The deer sees I am safe and calm and she continues eating grass. I enjoy the sound of wind in the trees and the smell of pine trees. We watch each other and enjoy the area.
    Your picture reminds me of this. This imagine as described above helps me to relax. I used to climb trees as a kid with my brother and Twin sister, so lots of fun memories.
    Thanks for your Deer, dear pictures. Sincerely Carolyn

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