It’s a zoo!

I haven’t flown for 2 and a half years so I’m a bit disoriented but it’s been over 8 years since I’ve flown on a flight that originated in Atlanta … I’ve flown through Atlanta many times since but the check-in and security lines/process are crazy … and that’s with being able to use the Delta Priority lines. Thanks to Keith’s travel and status on Delta, he’s able to “gift” me Gold Medallion which is great because the general public lines were even LONGER!

There are not many people wearing masks but I’m still very leery of crowds and like to mask indoors when I can’t maintain a good distance from people.

I’ve got my knitting, some music, and my iPad so the 2 hour flight should go by quickly.


  1. I still wear a mask whenever there is a crowd, and at the grocery store. I am about the only one but a few of our friends are now battling Covid. They are recovering but I don’t even want to be sick for a few days. If a mask will help then I will wear it. My husband does not though so I may eventually get it. Looks like you have all you need for a comfortable flight. Have a great vacation!!

  2. We are wearing masks again after a friend’s husband got it after been immunized. His 92 year old mother broke her knee and got Covid in the hospital and died. It’s still out there as so many people did not get vaccinated. Hope your sciatica is better and all that walking and cooped up in a plane aren’t too bad.

  3. I’m right there with you, Mary. Crowds still make me nervous, and I haven’t flown since early March of 2020. You’re being “Covid cautious”! Safe travels, my friend.

  4. Well done you for being so cautious – people can still catch ‘it’ even after being vaccinated, especially when new variants keep pupping up. I’ve had 4 jabs now and I think when we get our flu jab we’ll get another new booster jab. Hope you enjoyed your journey – have a great time whatever you are doing 🙂

  5. I’ve also been grateful for my husband’s Delta status over the years. We usually fly out of Sioux Falls and it’s pretty rare that the lines are long there. But we definitely experienced long line in Houston and Nashville airports early this summer.

  6. My Husband and I use Masks in public as we are on the border here in the El Paso area. You never know. It is amazing how many people do noy wear masks and several that do,,, have it off their nose !!!. Take care of yourself.

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