The old neighborhood

Dinner at one of our local favorites and a stroll by the house … sad that so many of my favorite restaurants have gone out of business.

Finished up the evening at the hotel with a glass of wine and dessert!


  1. I think many people have yet to realize that the major effect of the pandemic was destroying those businesses that represented the dreams of our middle class risk takers who put their whole lives into their small businesses. Lots of mom and pop restaurants, stores and service providing outlets that couldn’t survive. My dau g ter works for a bank and was very frustrated when the

  2. It is definitely sad when our favorite places are gone. Last March we were in Minneapolis, and my cousin and I spent one day together. We talked about a couple of our favorite restaurants that had closed – but ate in a couple of new (to me) ones. We had brunch at the Buttered Tin. It’s in NE MPLS and the food was great.

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