Today’s walk

Today’s walk was 4 miles heading away from the river and through downtown to Loring Park and the Basilica of St Mary’s. This is the area we lived in when we first moved to Minneapolis in 2006.

I don’t attend Mass anymore but I do find a lot of peace and comfort in quiet prayer in churches and the Basilica has always been a favorite spot for me. Today, I lit candles and said prayers for the loved ones we’ve lost.

And speaking of lost loved ones, I cannot be here in Minneapolis without being surrounded by memories of Chesty. I miss my sweet boy so much. We had parks by the apartment and the townhouse here and he loved nothing better than walking to the park. However, he was not particularly fond of the snow!

On my way back to the hotel, I stopped in at the library for a while. I was really disappointed to see that the genealogy area had been eliminated. One of the librarians told me they’d taken the computers away and stopped having the volunteers there to help library patrons with their research. I spent many wonderful hours volunteering and am sad to see it is no longer there.


  1. Whoa! Did the librarian say why the genealogy dept. was eliminated? That seems really drastic, especially for something that seems to be gaining in popularity, not declining.

  2. One of our area libraries not only eliminated their genealogy area but threw all the resources into the trash. One of their former employees rescued some of the records from the trash and it was relocated to a nearby historical society. So sad.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! Since we do not travel, I love to see pictures of cities and towns others travel to. Chesty was a cutie pie! I miss our little Sophie too. She has been gone almost a year. It’s so sad when we have to let them go. Keep the pictures coming!!

  4. My goodness has it really been that long ago! I remember your posts about the library, your volunteer work, and Chesty. Your visit must be triggering memories wherever you go.

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