Today’s walk was probably a little ambitious but I wanted to give it a shot. I first walked from downtown to Minnehaha Falls Park in June 2006 … and on that trip I even walked past the park to Ft Snelling. It was my first trip to Minneapolis and we were trying to decide if Keith would make the move with his company from Marietta, GA or if he would take a severance package. in the end, we decided we’d make the move because we only had to commit to one year and I knew I could do anything for 1 year! We stayed almost 8 years in Minneapolis and it turned out to be one of our favorite places we’ve lived.

Today, I walked from our downtown hotel to the park – 7 miles … and then another 2 miles wandering along the falls trails and walking to the light rail station for the ride back downtown. Luckily the station I got off at was just a short 0.3 mile walk back to the hotel for a total of 9.3 miles!! I’m tired and sore but it was a great afternoon.


  1. Holy moly, Girl😱😱!! Bet you will sleep well tonight. That was quite a “walk.” More like a HIKE to me. Not sure I could pull that off at this point n my life. Not sure which would give out first: my feet, my knees, or my back. Ah, to be able to enjoy walking that much again.

  2. I have loved your Minnesota pics- we lived there for 4 years and they were wonderful. We had a house in Apple Valley south of Minneapolis but we were in the city a lot, and our church was right at Loring Park- FUMC Hennepin. I rode the train often to my job downtown and so your pics were wonderful to remind me of our time there. Thanks!

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