Let’s get real

As I head home today I’m thinking about what I want to accomplish this month. Without looking at the calendar I thought I’d have about the same “working” time as I did in August.

Considering I was gone for a full week, I was happy with my results – 6 small donation tops pieced and 5 quilted.

I’m only traveling 1 week this month too but then I looked at the calendar.

Most of the last week of the month will be taken up by appointments and packing for a month away so I really only have 2 full working weeks.

I have prep work to do before my trip to the HeartStrings sew-in. I’ve got 5 waiting for binding that I want to take with me to hand stitch and none of them have been machine stitched yet.

I want to piece at least one fat quarter top for our precut of the month.

I need to get Maureen’s king size top quilted and get the binding machine stitched on so Mom can hand stitch it down.

Since I’ll be gone all of October, I need to get my family exchange gift that is due at the end of October pieced and quilted this month. It’s a small project but it will take some time.

So I won’t get nearly as much done this month as I hoped and the end of the year seems to be coming at me faster than I’d like. I guess if I’m going to be traveling again I’ll have to adjust my expectations.


  1. I think you do wonderfully with all your projects. I like the title ‘let’s get real’ as my husband says it to me all the time. I wish I could get half of what you do in one month, no, a fourth!

  2. Take a break from donation stuff before you head out and devote yourself to family projects. You can do the fat quarter project but I think a family month would still give you lots to do. Quilting in the evenings seems to be more restful for you so….

  3. Adjusting your expectations sounds like a good idea, Mary. Some months we just have to accept that we can only accomplish the bare minimum. Once those items are done, you might surprise yourself at what else can be completed! Only time will tell…

  4. We have been traveling more this year than usual and of course that makes any quilt project slow to less than a crawl. You and I can and will “get back in the saddle” again, sometime. Patience will eventually get it done.

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