After a major setback with the disc/sciatica pain sending me to the ER yesterday, my Maine trip is canceled and there is no sewing or knitting going on around here. I’m back on a bunch of meds and waiting for the referral for an MRI and Neurologist … and of course, it had to happen over a holiday weekend.

I can’t sit or lie in bed … I’m alternating between two positions on the living room floor and pacing when the pain becomes unbearable in either of those.

I’m hoping the new batch of meds prescribed in ER will kick in soon because the pain is pretty bad and I want to get back to work!


  1. So sorry to hear this! Thankfully the pain didn’t suddenly worsen mid flight!

    When I have sciatica it sometimes helps to lie on my back on the floor with my calves/heels up on the sofa cushion – relieves pressure on my hips and back.


  2. So sorry about your trip. Even more sorry about your back pain and since no 2 people experience pain the same way I am not telling you I know how you feel but I am extremely miserable when sciatica acts up in my back. I hope they find something that works and you feel better soon.

  3. So sorry for what you are going through. I’ve been there and it’s awful when you can’t get relief no matter how you sit, lay or stand.

  4. So sorry you are in so much pain Mary. I hope the new pain medication gives you some relief. Especially is you need an MRI. Those should help. Take care.

    • Oh, Mary! I am so sorry this is happening again. Sounds like a really bad flare-up of sciatica. Unfortunately, I know it all too well. Hope they can get you in for that MRI ASAP, and you can results and recs in a timely fashion. I swear our bodies know when it’s a holiday weekend, and act up just to make our lives miserable. Take care of yourself. Prayers going up that you get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible🙏🙏🤞🤞

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your back. I slipped a disc a couple of months ago and woke up unable to get out of bed without help. I had never experienced that level of back pain before. It made me cry to move. So, I understand how miserable it can be. To only be able to lie in two positions sounds horrible! I hope your medicine makes a huge difference. A steroid pack helped me tremendously. Sending you my thought and prayers for a speedy recovery, my friend.❤

  6. Oh no, I am so sorry!! I hope they figure out what is going on and fix it soon. My husband is having an ablation at a certain point in his back on Thursday. Hoping it works since he has also been in a lot of pain.

  7. Oh, no! Praying that you’ll get relief from your pain soon. I’ve had a similar problem to yours, I was having a flashback to it as I read your email. Hopefully you’ll be feeling better and more energetic soon. I know you it’s disappointing to miss your trip to Maine as well. Take good care of yourself!!!

  8. I hope the meds start working quickly for you, Mary, and you get some relief. That’s just typical it happening on a holiday weekend. (We usually have an emergency call to the vet when it’s a holiday weekend!)

  9. I had my first experience with sciatica earlier this year. Your case sounds worse than mine. I hope you can get effective treatment soon.

  10. Mary, I am so sorry to learn that you are having such difficulty. Pain can be quite debilitating, and wears down our resourcefulness. I too will hope the medications get it under control, so you will be able to rest and recover.

  11. Oh i am sorry to hear this Mary–I empathize definitely with that not being comfortable anywhere–i hope you get relief soon–have you tried icing? that helped me a whole lot…I used a soft gel pack you put in the freezer–feel better soon
    Hugs, Julierose

  12. Ditto – what everybody else has said. I know you won’t take this lying down 🙂 hoping to put a smile on your face 🙂 Virtual (((hugs))) from across the pond.

  13. I am sorry for your pain. I hope the meds do the trick. I have turned to physical therapy for a herniated disc. with a lot of stretching of the leg muscles. Best of luck.

  14. I’m so sorry you are having such sciatic pain. I’ve had it really really bad twice and I know what you are going through. We are all thinking of you and hope this will pass soon.

  15. Oh Mary! So sorry to hear this! Hopefully by the time you read this the pain is under control. What a frustrating and disappointing situation.

  16. Oh! I am so sorry that you are in so much pain and I am sorry that you had to cancel your trip to Maine that you were looking forward to. I hope you get relief soon and they figure out what is causing all of this pain.

  17. Oh Mary so sorry to hear about your pain. Sending prayers for painfree days. Hope you get your tests soon.

  18. I’m so sorry that your sciatic pain has worsened so drastically. Hopefully the meds will help bring some relief.

  19. I really hope the meds take a big portion of the pain away. Please be very careful, though. Work is good, but if you do things that aggravate the underlying condition you may do even more damage to the area that was previously injured. Hoping you don’t need back surgery — my hubby’s back is really bad and he’s learned how far he can go before he has pain. Rather than take pain meds regularly (we both avoid that!) he adjusted what he does. Luckily I have a strong back (and I’m verbal when he starts to cross a line!), so with limitations on what he does, no back surgery. Too many back surgeries go wrong or don’t really do the job. Glad you have the Mayo Clinic to rely on, unfortunately here in California we don’t.

  20. Mary, I bought a “tens unit” off Amazon for my husband. ($40) When his sciatica starts up he uses it and says it has helped. Maybe you have tried this too. Hopefully you are getting some relief, sending positive thoughts and prayers your way to both you and your husband.

  21. I’m just now seeing this. I hope you find answers and have a speedy recovery. I wish you the best.

  22. So sorry to hear you are doing poorly. Hopefully you have worked through it all now! I’m still hobbling.

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