Sewing along with Maine

The Maine sew-in started today and since I can’t be there in person, my goal is to sew along with them each day. My stamina is low and I’m shaky both physically and mentally but I did get downstairs today for a couple hours.

My project this week will be the pink and brown Monkey Wrench.

First, I pulled the fat quarters I’m going to use for this quilt. I had every intention of using a scrappy background for this one and had Keith pull several bins with neutral scraps and fat quarters last night for me.

I decided however that I needed to make this easier for me (brain fog!) and there was a background piece in the bin with the fat quarters so I’m going with that one.

I worked out my cutting and pressing plan and got started.

I’ll make 2 blocks from each fat quarter and need a total of 35 blocks that finish at 10 inches for this quilt.


  1. Glad you are feeling well enough to sew, but take it easy. You are still healing. Thinking of you every day, and sending BIG cyber (((((hugs)))))!,

  2. Even when my stamina is low and I feel a little shaky, I feel better when I can be productive – even if I have to pace myself and proceed in slow motion. I am so glad that you are feeling better! It will be nice to have some answers – and, hopefully some solutions. And, hopefully, soon!

  3. I hope you are in less pain and don’t over do your activity but it’s so good to hear you are motivated to sew as it’s good for one’s mental health, don’t you think?

  4. Being the old lady that I am….I was first a little dismayed that you were going to make a quilt while shaky etc. But then I figured you know your body best and you are a nurse so…be careful.

  5. Looking great. Just remember brain fog may allow you to work longer than you should so please be alert for the early warning symptoms. I know you are normally very careful but after spending the last 5 weeks with a brain fogged husband it seems logic and common sense were the first to go for him.

  6. I know it’s hard to be patient on the road to recovery, especially for someone as productive as you, but the old “slow and steady wins the race” really is true. Best wishes for continued progress-

  7. I’m a new reader and I’ll add my well wishes to those above. The colors for your quilt reminded me of Chocolate Covered Cherries! Perhaps one CCC block a day…well, maybe two…would be a good prescription as you recover. Take care.

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