Sewing and knitting

Today was a better day – I’m working at a slow and steady pace and changing my position frequently but there’s no medicine like being able to sew and knit.

I had planned to make all the pink Monkey Wrench blocks first so I wouldn’t mix up the pressing due to my brain fog but I felt a little more with it today so added in some brown blocks … just 14 of 35 blocks are made but I’m thrilled with the progress. I also made a binding and got it machine stitched on … I am being very careful not to over do things but moving around and having my mind and hands occupied is so much better for me than sitting or just lying in bed.

I wanted to get started on a hat too but had decided I’d wait a few days until my concentration was a little improved. It was a nice surprise when I pulled the hat tote to get ready and found one already started! Luckily, I had entered the details in my Ravelry account so I was able to find out what pattern I was knitting. I knit a little while on this one today too.

In my mind, my crochet and knitting was always supposed to be there for me when I didn’t feel well enough to sew or quilt … that’s one of the things that made this episode so scary for me … I couldn’t sit, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t lie in bed, or even walk off the pain … I basically spent 5 days on the floor before they finally admitted me to the hospital. I pray that I will never reach that point again.


  1. So happy you are able to get around some more, and back to things that make you happy. Slow but steady! If it hurts, STOP, This is what I tell myself,

  2. You’re right – being able to sew is good medicine. You sound like you have a plan that is working. I’m just a bit shocked that it took so many days before being admitted to the hospital. Such a miserable time for you!

  3. Mary bless your heart. I hope you continue to get better physically and mentally. I know as Nurses we are care givers and it is very hard to be a receiver or want to be a patient. Bless you for having to go through this. You are amazing in what you manage to get accomplished. Good for you. I hope the animals are still outside your window for your enjoyment. Glad you have your doggie and Hubby. Take care of “you”.

  4. I hope the worse is behind you as well. I frequently tell my quilting peeps that quilting is my therapy as I fight complex medical issues. I am glad you are feeling better. I pray for continued better health for you.

  5. We are all happy you are doing better. It’s really awful to be sick and not be able to do our fun projects. Glad to hear you are better

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