A visit

Keith took me to get my haircut this morning and then he ran in and did the grocery shopping … I’m so lucky he not only doesn’t mind but actually likes doing it because I don’t like to grocery shop at ALL.

This afternoon I sewed an hour before the kids came for a short visit and for dinner … and sewed an hour afterwards. I’m making progress on the Windmills quilt and expect I’ll finish up the blocks tomorrow.

I felt very happy to see my girls two days in a row! With Chris and Becky working full time and the girls both in softball they stay very busy. I’m not complaining … we get to see them a lot more than we did when we were in Tampa and that’s one of the reasons we moved up here full time.

Adam and the kids are coming to visit next weekend and they’ll come back and have dinner with us all while Adam is here.


  1. I don’t like grocery shopping either, and my husband does it quite a bit too. So nice that you are able to spend more time with your family. Special memories!!

  2. Family time, it’s the best! We just had our oldest granddaughter get married on 9/10 and it was a wonderful event with all our families there.

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