I know sharing my quilts on the internet leaves me open to people using them for their own purposes but imagine my surprise when I was on Pinterest and this popped up … yes, that’s my quilt and photo with my website clearly stamped on it.

When I clicked the link, I find it on sale at this website. They claim to work with designers but I’m assuming they just steal the ideas they want to use. I’ve written and asked them to remove it immediately. Let’s see if they respond.


  1. Another easy blogger had same comment recently. Just schemes to steal email addresses and lure people with unreasonably low prices. Shame on them but price of being a good designer/creator. Sorry it happened to you.

  2. How cheeky to even use your photo!! That is so frustrating that people take credit for other’s work.

  3. I love buying quilt books at thrift stores. What I find amazing is seeing one design in a book, then seeing it in another book by a different author. And these aren’t your regular log cabin or churn dash. They are unique quilt patterns. So are two different designers having this same thought? Sorry this happened to you too.

  4. I would contact Pintrest and Etsy. if they are using Etsy to sell the item about this posting. What a terrible shame that people do things like this.

  5. This is disgusting. So sorry this happened to you. Some people are so mean, lazy and rude. You are so kind and generous. Thank you for all you do.

  6. Oh, Mary. This is just crazy☹️☹️!! Something similar happened to the women who owned Country Threads. They closed their store a number of years ago, but still publish patterns for sale on their website, and have published a few books since their store closed. A few months ago, Mary Etherington was checking FB or Pinterest and found a site selling her original pattern as their own😳😳. She contacted them immediately, asked them to cease and desist, etc. On their website, they claimed they never heard of her, etc, etc. I assume these were YOUNGER people, who, of course wouldn’t have heard of her, but they denied “stealing” her pattern, etc. The pattern was the cover quilt for one of their books!! She never heard back from them directly, but all comments were removed from their website, and they just disappeared. A NUMBER of people had contacted them and told them it was someone else’s pattern. Mary was just devastated when that happened. I can only imagine how you feel. The complete NERVE of some people😡😡😡.

  7. I’ve seen this happen to other people’s work before. One site took people’s money for goods but never sent anything back. I think was in China. Maybe you will have to copyright your photo’s in future. I forget the word but you place your name faintly over or in places on your photo. Sorry this is happening to you 🙁

    • Just came to me, as soon as I posted my comment!! WATERMARK – there are apps you can download, for free.

    • That is awful! But some people will do anything to scam someone else. They probably don’t care so much about the quilt but the credit card used to purchase it. And anyone with a bit of sense will realize that the price is way tooooo low for a custom quilt even a single. You should notify Pinterest not the person posting. They’ll just ignore you but Pinterest will block them from posting anything because of fraud.

  8. It looks like they used your quilt and had the design printed onto fabric. Honestly, I think I would talk to a lawyer. If they are actually selling blankets using a picture of your quilt, you could possibly sue.

  9. Very economical of them to use your picture – that way no actual product ever has to be produced. It would be interesting to see their sales figures, no? It IS a very pretty quilt.


  10. I went to the Grunt Basic website and searched using the quilt number showing on the screen capture above. It is still on their website as I type this. A lot of the quilts that begin with the label “Pattern Quilt” look like they’ve been lifted from blogger sites. I recognize at least a couple of them and think I know what blogger they belong to. I also believe these are patterns the bloggers offer for sale. I’m going to check as soon as I post this. What a crummy thing these people do! (Note: One quilt in your picture above, the 2nd from the left, the pinwheels, was a freebie published online a long time ago in cute American Jane fabrics. I saved the pattern and have used it several times for charity quilts.)

  11. “Ain’t no excuse for stupid”. Seriously- blatantly steal your design *and* the photo???? C’mon people.

  12. I am sorry to see that – how unacceptable! I hope that they apologise, although I suspect that it is unlikely. The pin wheel baby quilt is a beautiful, free design by Jodi Nelson for Moda Bakeshop published years ago – I made half a dozen or so of them.

  13. Sorry to read this, especially since you are so generous with sharing your ideas etc. Hope you can get some resolution regarding this.

  14. BBB shows them with A+ rating, maybe they should be informed of the theft of your design. I checked the Grunt Basic’s website, products are awful.

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