I finished up the little Autumn Squares doll top today. I’ll probably hand quilt this one in the big stitch style. I love hand quilting but don’t allow much time for it so these doll quilts are the perfect project.

I always get questions about where I donate these and what size I make them. I don’t currently have a place to donate them so they’re piling up a little but they don’t take much space and I’m going to check to see if one of the places I donate small quilts and afghans can use them. I remember Chris telling me that they give stuffed animals to the kids that come through their organization. If not, I might just buy some dolls at Christmas time and donate them each with a quilt to a local organization that works with kids in need.

As far as what size I make them … it really depends on how much leftover fabric I have. In this case it’s 24 x 28. The smallest I usually go is about 20 x 24 and some of them are about 30 inches square.

I also started cutting the pink and brown leftover quilt – it’s always best to use the leftovers right away otherwise they might never become the quilt I intended them for.

I’m cutting a scrappy background for this one and it’s going to take a while! I’ve got a bin full of small odd shaped pieces and some of them are pretty small.

Luckily, it won’t take as long to cut the brown and pink pieces from the leftover fat quarters.

I debated on blocks size for this one … 7.5 inches finished versus 9 inches finished and went with the 9 inch block. I can make 48 blocks and have a quilt that is 54 x 72 without a border which is a good size for donation.


  1. I love mini and little quilts too. I usually buy dolls at Christmas time and tuck the doll quilt in the back of the box,behind the doll. I try to buy dolls with outfits that match the quilt. Our fire departments do toy drives so that’s where my quilts/ dolls go

  2. That little doll quilt is cute. I’m sure some little girl or boy would love a doll and a quilt. Have you thought of shelters for abused women? I gave a doll quilt away and was really surprised how much the little girl loved it. So I guess I’ll be making some more too.

  3. You might check out a” A Doll Like Me” for the doll quilts. They make dolls for children with things like missing or misshapen limbs. I believe they like to have doll quilts to go with them.

  4. You could donate the little quilts to A Doll Like Me; perhaps you have heard of this charity project. I would be happy to give you the contact information.

  5. I have a doll quilt that was made by an elderly neighbor for me when I was a toddler (so almost 70 years ago…..). It appears periodically in childhood pictures so it got a lot of use! At the moment it is draped over the glass shade of a lamp – makes lovely patterns and dims an overly harsh light. Great idea to pair with a coordinating doll!


  6. You are so disciplined about using up your scraps. And well organized! I want to be that way, but then I get distracted. LOL

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