A change in plans

Adam and the kids weren’t able to come this weekend as planned so I had some time to sew. The Split 9 Patch blocks are coming along ….

We also decided to meet Chris for dinner … he lives about an hour and 15 minutes from us and we often meet in between for dinner. It’s one of the things I love about living closer.

We all missed seeing Adam, Caleb, and Bree but Adam sent me a photo of Caleb at his new drawing desk. I love that Adam encourages his creative side!!


  1. They are all so cute, and Caleb is very talented. So fun when you can at least get together for dinner in these busy times. I love that pattern, is this one you created?

  2. Caleb surely inherited Adam’s drawing ability!
    It’s so wonderful that you see and spend time with your family. Those children will have so many memories. I hope Adam and the children can come soon.

  3. I wonder where he got the concept to encourage the children in things they love? He leads and loves because he was lead and loved. It is wonderful when our children reflect things that are important to us. You and Keith still give so much love and your lives set a great example.

  4. Fun times and great memories being made this weekend. I too love the picture of Keith and Mo (sp?) eating ice cream. Their facial expressions are priceless!
    Your split nine patch is coming along nicely and looks good in pink and brown.

  5. The kids are getting so grown up already. We’re about the same distance from our grandkids. I like how the pink and brown quilt is coming along. I did a similar one with red/white/blue a couple of years ago as a QOV. It’s a really good pattern for using up those squares.

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