I’ve been away from the longarm for 5 and a half weeks and I’m ready to quilt some but I’m taking it easy and will work on small quilts for now. Yesterday, I pieced a couple battings from leftovers and a backing for the small flannel squares tops. The backing I chosen for the pink one was wide enough and didn’t need piecing.

Today after lunch by the lake with Keith, I loaded and quilted the pink one. Pantograph is Dear Heart. These little ones are so simple but I love that they use up the flannel scraps that have been accumulating around here and they make a nice warm hug for a child in need.

I have a goal of quilting 2 small ones per week in October but I won’t push and if it gets to be too much I’ll back off. I also need to get the Split 9 Patch assembled, make my family exchange gift, and our precut for this month is Charm Squares and I want to get a top pieced to meet that challenge. There will be some binding and knitting too … It looks like a lot but I like staying busy and I’ll take lots of breaks!


  1. they are really neat small quilts–love that pantograph quilt pattern…Happy to hear that you are taking it easy on this–I imagine it can be hard on your body…
    hugs and take care Juierose

  2. There is a difficult balance when your creativity feeds your soul and the physical requirements hurt your body. I know you are smart enough to work on the balance requirements, but know that each of your wonderful creations feeds the soul of the recipient but it isn’t worth the pain it might cause if you do too much or the wrong thing. Thanks for working on balance!

  3. Mary, I love your quilting, and I know it is fun to get back to it after a break. Did you ever get them to stop selling your quilt, as you mentioned a few posts back?

  4. The pink one is so very sweet and some little girl is going to be sooo happy. Looks like you are getting back into the swing of things- but yes, don’t overdo it! And- who doesn’t love a good hat swirl! 🙂

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