A slow start

I had a very slow start to my day. I got my COVID and Flu vaccines yesterday and felt a little under the weather. Nothing serious, just tired and headachy. I’d intended to get a top quilted today but that didn’t happen. Instead I puttered around.

I wrote brief instructions for the Split 9 Patch quilt and posted them on the website.

I loaded the blue flannel squares top on the longarm and it’s ready to quilt hopefully tomorrow or Saturday.

I finally put the updated photos Becky had given me of the girls weeks ago in the frames … and texted Adam that I needed updated photos of Caleb and Bree.

I cleaned off my desk!

And I pieced a back – I’d had this flannel print for several years but it is directional so I couldn’t just piece a horizontal seam … I finally took the time to center the print and put a wide border on it so it can be used for the back of the Split 9 Patch quilt.

Other than cooking dinner and knitting a little tonight, that’s about all I’ll accomplish today.


  1. Hoping to get both of my shots next week. Looks like you got a lot accomplished in spite of being under the weather. Seeing your clean desk reminds me that mine needs some help too – a major purging of paper is needed.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about the shots.
    And special thanks for the instructions for the split 9 Patch pattern. I just read through it and it looks very doable.
    Personally I think you got quite a bit done since you weren’t feeling 100%. Take care.

  3. I’m glad you were able to receive both shots. Ironically, I tested positive for COVID on the day I was scheduled to get the new booster. Now, I have to wait.

  4. Yes, we’ve feel headachy too when we’ve had our Covid shots… The next day is always better.

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