My Fish in the Sea top is quilted – Pantograph is Ebb and Flow. This little pattern is one I drafted for Mom years ago and had never pieced it myself until this one. You can find brief instructions on the website at this link.

I just love looking out the windows this time of year … fall color is all around. My Innova is not computerized but I do have Pantovision – that tablet allows me to use digital patterns versus paper ones but I’m still the one doing the quilting.

Keith gets home tomorrow which is good because I’ve got some binding to do! It’s much easier to knit with Finn sitting with me than to bind so I save the binding for when Keith is here and leave Finn upstairs with him.


  1. Cute quilt! Some little fish lover will love it! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Love the colors and the cool air. Due to fires in Eastern WA, we are getting a lot of smoke on the west side. It is hard to be outside or have our windows open, so that has been putting a damper on our Fall right now. We need a good rain but unfortunately that has also not been happening. This has been a very strange year all around. But I still love Fall! Take care and enjoy those beautiful colors.

  2. Another fun looking quilt. Thanks for sharing the pattern. It looks like a great one to use with a focus fabric and easy to put together. I love your patterns… just enough instruction to know what to do, but you don’t overwhelm with details. Thank you!!!
    I too enjoy fall. It seems like this year the colors are vibrant and bright here in WI. It might mean winter isn’t far behind, but at least it is doing it in a spectacular way.

  3. So very cute! I’m picking up a Happy Block quilt from the quilter today. I’m excited to see what she used on it.

  4. Took the A/C out of our window area, and the plywood surround, and once again have a view there. This afternoon Mr. Pheasant walked by on the road. It is good to be able to see our wild neighbors again.

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