My leftover Blue/Green Squares top was loaded and quilted today. Pantograph is Feather Flip. I chose to quilt it on a larger scale than I usually do to keep this flannel backed quilt warm and cozy. Plus I’m still having to limit the time I’m sewing and quilting so it was quicker.

This is #5 for October. If all goes as planned I should have 15 quilted by the end of November … it’s a little slower than my usual quilting marathons but that suits my needs right now.

I’m sewing along virtually with Kathy in WI and her group today. Not being able to attend the WI sew-ins is one thing I really miss about living in Minneapolis! They were always so fun and productive and Kathy is a great organizer and hostess!


  1. Looks like fun with the on-line sewing. With your back still not back to normal I bet you were happy to have the possibility of a nice resting place if necessary.

  2. Love that blue & green combo- makes me think of oceans breezes. And this made me laugh- I used to “be” Kathy in WI, but now I’m Kathy in IN! Sadly, no quilting group is named after me 😉

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