Hat #6

Pumpkin is an appropriate color for this time of year! Hat #6 is another free pattern found on Ravelry – Waffle Hat . #7 is already in progress.

I had a couple errands to run so I walked around the playfield several times while I was out. It was breezy and a nippy 42 degrees so I didn’t go have lunch by the lake but I enjoyed the beautiful fall colors during my walk.

It was time to stop waffling about my project for this month’s challenge and get started on it. Stephanie pulled Charm Squares out of the hat and while I looked at a bunch of ideas, I decided to go with Happy Blocks from Charms. I’ve made this one a couple times before and I have brief instructions on the website.

This one was made when we were still in Minneapolis so before 2014.

And this one, also with red and brown frames, was made when we were in Tampa.


  1. I made one of this pattern in gray, black and white and it’s so pretty, your pattern was perfect. I like these quilts too. It’s really cold and windy here today, just horrible actually but with blue skies and pretty trees.

  2. I love this hat and I also made it in a speckled heather. It’s a fun pattern to knit.
    I’m so glad you’ve been out walking! I always found that to be the best medicine for sciatica (although I never had it long term like you!) I sure hope this bout ends soon!

  3. Another example of great texture! Very cute! Good to hear you’ve been able to do some walking again during this time of year to enjoy the fall colors.

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