Another bright top quilted – it’s #6 for my Oct/Nov quilting marathon. Pantograph is Flounce.

This Fishy Pinwheels quilt is a remake of one I made and donated several times when we were living in Marietta between 2002-2006. When we moved up here full time last year I came across some of my older quilt photos and have had fun remaking them. You can find brief Quilt Notes on the website at this link

My shelves are looking empty! I donated 13 quilts today to the local guild who will pass them along to several organizations here in North Georgia and I sent 7 quilts to Bev in Maine last week. Half of those 20 quilts were pieced by others and send to me to finish and donate and half of them were my quilts. I’ve still got a stack of small quilts and afghans that I’m getting ready for donation. I’ll have Chris donate them to a local organization that works with abused kids.


  1. I just picked about 20 quilts too for charity. I’m washing them now. I still have several left to give away as gifts when I need them. Recently a friend was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and given no hope. I picked out a cheerful quilt for her and she was so happy about it. It’s a win win situation for quilters as we love to make them and people love to get them.

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