Exchange gift

We had our family gift exchange call tonight so I can show you what I made. I have a history of making quilts for my sister’s cats and last year when I got her name in the exchange I made this one for her black cat.

This time around, I made one for her white cat.

You might think it’s silly to make quilts for animals but in my experience they like sitting on quilts and the quilts have meaning for us when they’re gone. I was looking for a sweater that Chesty wore for Halloween the other day and took down the bag with some of his shirts and toys and his quilt was in there too. Keith and I had a nice trip down memory lane … but I didn’t find the sweater!! I was going to let Finn wear it for our Halloween themed birthday party yesterday.


  1. I think quilts for our pets is a great idea – and for both reasons you gave. Those are very cute! Chesty looked so cute in his sweater. Those little trips down memory lane are sweet.

  2. After reading this I think I need to make Chloe, my black and white tuxedo cat, a quilt. She has fleece blanket covered chair seat cushions scattered around the house but little quilts would be cozy and special and especially with our MN winter in its way. My 41 year old daughter passed away suddenly from heart failure just two weeks ago, Allison loved and used the quilts that I made for her and her family. It’s one thing that I did for her that I know for certain provided her with comfort and love for many years. Everyone enjoys the comfort of a quilt. ♥️

  3. Pretty cat quilts!

    I’d never be able to get my dog into a sweater! I’d lose a finger before he’d let me stuff his head through!

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