Late night hockey

The boys went bed early and I stayed up to watch the Lightning play. It’s been a tough start to their season and unfortunately we lost again tonight but I did make some progress on my crochet blanket. We’ll see how they do tomorrow night.


  1. I’m so glad to know I’m.notnthe only quilter/hockey nut (go, Wings!). My idea of heaven? Watching a Wings/Avs game & hand sewing on binding. Heaven!

  2. Very pretty! I used to watch hockey fairly often, but haven’t watched any in many years. I think growing up in Minnesota, most everyone watched hockey occasionally. LOL My younger daughter got interested in hockey when she lived in MPLS right out of college and went to quite a few hockey games with friends.

  3. Hockey is good except when the games are on the west coast – too late for those of us in the EST Zone , a Senators Fan . I love your crocheted blanket . Have done that pattern for each one of my grandchildren (3) and need to start over , because the dog has done some chewing !!

  4. Beautiful blanket – can you please tell me the name of the stitch or provide pattern details? I am a ‘keen beginner’!

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