I might have been a little over ambitious today but I’ve got all evening to rest so it’s OK. First, a short walk after running some errands. It’s so gorgeous, I just want to be outside this time of year. Sunny with temps in the high 60’s today.

After my walk I came home and started some laundry and went downstairs to load and quilt the Pink and Brown Split 9 Patch. Pantograph is Feather Flip and you might remember I quilted that panto a couple weeks ago at a larger size. Resizing my pantographs is one thing I love about my Pantovision. This one took longer to quilt and I had to take a number of short breaks but it’s quilted! It’s #8 of the 15 tops I want to get quilted by the end of November.


  1. I can see the quilt design and it’s so beautiful. This quilt is maybe one of my favorites. Did you use various ivory background fabrics or is it just the light?

  2. The quilt is beautiful and the quilting pattern is great. Please don’t push yourself until you are 100%.

  3. GORGEOUS! I love pink & brown together & this pairing is fabulous! Plus… love that panto! Now – go rest, girl!

  4. Beautiful quilt!! And those colors outside are gorgeous!! I would also have a hard time staying inside. Enjoy and take care!

  5. yes it’s very delightful here as well….spending more time just sitting outside soaking up sun….

  6. Looking at your pictures I can see why you wanted to be outside… absolutely beautiful! And you quilt is a beautiful finish too. What a fun day, but I hope you didn’t have too many negative side effects at the end of the day.

  7. The quilting really makes the quilt stand out! Or the quilt makes the quilting stand out! It is just beautiful!

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