This was supposed to be a very simple project so I can’t explain why I made several errors …. Maybe because I just started cutting without calculating yardage or paying attention to my drawing …

I bought the 6 inch finished triangle in a square die several months back. There are several variations on this quilt layout using novelty squares or 4 patch or 9 patches. The one I most want to make is the 9 patch version but I needed a quick project so decided I’d use the novelty squares.

I ended up with a smaller version than my drawing because of my failure to calculate the number of blocks and the amount of fabric needed. At any rate, it’s ready to assemble.

Now I just have to figure out how to use the blocks that were cut wrong … blue vs white triangles … in a doll quilt so they aren’t wasted.


  1. You have 8 blue ‘sort of triangles’, can you put a bird fabric in the center of the blues to use the blue’s that way, rather than laying them in a row as you have done. Just a small thought. Anne

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