AnnL’s second HeartStrings top is quilted. Pantograph is Cornrows.

I couldn’t get a good photo of the quilting from the front but it gives nice texture to the quilt.

I’m getting behind on my binding and Keith is traveling the rest of the week but then he’ll be home for the following week and I should be able to catch up. Finn insists on sitting at my feet on the recliner and that works fine for knitting and crochet but not for binding so I try to keep the binding for when Keith is home and Finn is upstairs with him.


  1. That panto is fabulous! And I hear you re Finn & binding. It’s like that around here, too! Too much “helping”! LOL

  2. I like the panto, it looks pretty from the back. It’s strange that it doesn’t show up near so pretty on the front.

  3. Hi – I do enjoy reading your blog posts. But I do have a caveat, at least on my tablet – I don’t particularly like the red/white block at the top? On my screen it is huge and blurry and if I minimize it – the font becomes so small I cannot read your posts. I really hesitated to say anything, complain, because it may only be on my computer?

  4. Looks like you getting back to being your usual productive self, and I truly hope you are feeling better. I have been storing the free hat patterns for future use. I can’t seem to knit as long as I would like, but a bit here and there and voila’- it’s a hat! Take care-

  5. It’s amazing how a quilt just blossoms with the texture of the quilting! That is an awesome quilting design.

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