It’s been another lazy day around here … but the Birdie top is assembled, Hat #11 was started and might be finished before the night is over, and I finished my book, Righteous Prey by John Sandford.


  1. Love the pattern and your fabric choices.

    Since we read John Sanford novels as quickly as they come out I know I have read Righteous Prey and that we at least liked it but without looking it up I don’t know any more.

  2. That turned out great! Love it. I’ve been reading the John Sandford novels as fast as he can write them too. It’s ironic because I really enjoy reading that type of book but would NEVER go to that type of movie.

  3. Another John Sanford fan here – and yes, I wouldn’t care for a similar movie, I suspect. I see there is a new one about to come out and am debating waiting for a library copy or just buying the darn thing.

    Such an enjoyable quilt, too – I’m wondering if I have enough cream and solid to make the blue and white bits, and doing the other squares in what ever else is around. Hmmmm.


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