The last top from AnnL has been quilted, a green centered Heartstrings quilt. Pantograph is Blowing Leaves.

I also got the binding made and machine stitched on another one of hers. I’ve started to hand stitch the binding and hope to finish it up tonight after Keith goes to bed. I’m trying to get more sleep so I go to bed around 11pm these days. I putter on the iPad a little and then read and if all goes well, I’m sleeping by 1am.

That leaves me less time for binding and knitting since I’m not up all night but I’ve reached that age where I don’t do very well without sleep. My health challenges this last few months have driven that point home!


  1. I’m way older than you but I found out years ago if I do not get enough sleep, I get physically ill. I tried staying up late several nights and getting up at 6am to go to work, but I just wasn’t a person who could do it. Our bodies need rest.

  2. Another lovely finished quilt. I need to catch up on some of your last posts. I’ve seen the photo’s in my emails but didn’t get here to comment. 🙂

  3. This is a pretty quilt! I love the colorful scrappiness of it.
    I have always stayed up very late and was able to function at work the next day. (My schedule varies but sometimes I will have to be at work at 5am one day and 1pm the next day. As I have gotten older this has gotten harder.) I was diagnosed recently with sleep apnea and have started using a cpap machine. I have been getting much better sleep. I dream every night! Sure wish I could sleep so well without a machine, but it is what it is!
    Who knows, Mary….you may become more of a morning person!!

  4. Very pretty quilt!! Sounds like a good plan to get more sleep. I am 75 and feel my best if I get 7 to 8 hrs of sleep a night. I never nap but probably would need to if I got less sleep. They say sleeping has many benefits. At times I have had to use relaxation tapes to listen to while going to sleep. Those helped very much!!!

  5. I really like the idea of a set colored strip in the middle of string blocks. Must think about that when I do my next string quilt. My sleep is messed up ever since the change of time. I’ve made some progress as I wake up at 5 am instead of 4. Whoopee.

  6. I might be turning into a *gasp* morning person! Earlier this week I went to be at 7:30pm. And I maybe even take a NAP.

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