We sewed again today

I might have found a sewing buddy!

Chris made a couple more stockings today.

And while he was quilting and assembling them, I got a binding made and machine sewn on – it’s ready for hand stitching – and I chose fabric and cut out a Quick Strippie.


  1. Every thing is better with a buddy to keep you company. Reminds me of times when I cooked for a friend’s family and her sister a maiden aunt would spend some time at the breakfast table just easily chatting as I cooked. The help was just a little emotional support. A brilliant economist willing to just sit to make life easier.

  2. Chris did a beautiful job on those stockings! You did great passing on your skills and love for a wonderful creative outlet.

  3. Having a quilting buddy is fun. His quilting on the stockings impress me. Love that fishy print for your strippy.

  4. He did a terrific job on those stockings! You have some creative sons. The fabric in your strippee is so cute. I have 2 of them cut and kitted up right now, for some quick sewing this winter. Such a perfect pattern for highlighting a fun focus fabric.

  5. Nice job, Chris! I have some stockings cut out, too. And I love the quilting design that was chosen. Very attractive and modern looking! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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