Hat #14

Adam left after brunch and Chris stayed a little longer to make another stocking. We’ve decided we’ll work on some together for donation next year since he’s enjoying doing them. After they were both gone I knit a little while but then decided I needed a nap! I got up in time for dinner and to watch the Lightning win and finished Hat #14. Pattern is Jumping Hurdles found free on Ravelry at this link.

I like the texture on this one and it has a nice looking crown too.

We leave for Tampa on Tuesday so tomorrow will be really busy. If all goes as planned I’ll get some quilting done along with packing and starting Hat #15 to take along with me to work on during the trip. Some binding might even happen!


  1. Everything about this hat is beautiful – the color and the stitch design. I love that you and Chris will be working on a common sewing goal. Who knows, the girls may join in, too.

  2. Since I think you are making this hat for Knots of Love can you verify that it can be make by 4 worsted weight yarn. I have been making some of the quick and simple patterns for them but I need something different for a change. I would like to tackle this one but I don’t really understand the yarn requirements.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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