Well I’ll try not to complain too much but my bad travel luck is holding out … luckily we’d allowed plenty of time to get to the airport yesterday … bad weather, accidents, and no parking … but our flight was uneventful. Unfortunately, Keith caught a bad cold from our visit with Caleb so he’s feeling under the weather (2 negative COVID tests just to be sure) – and I’m praying I don’t get sick! We were out in our old neighborhood along the bay today and then found a nice Italian place downtown for dinner with yummy soup.

… is there anything better than soup when you’re not feeling well?

Keith napped a bit this afternoon and went to bed early tonight but I don’t mind, I’ve got my knitting to keep me company!

Keith is working tomorrow and I’ll spend my day at Moffitt getting my annual post thyroid cancer labs, u/s and doctor’s visit done for the year.


  1. I love soup anytime, but when you are sick it just helps. Hope Keith recovers quickly and the rest of your trip goes well!

  2. Hopefully you’ll stay well, and Keith will shake that cold quickly. Our travel day today was weird. We stayed last night at the airport hotel in Sioux Falls, which was good as it was snowing overnight. Got up at 4:00 am. Our 5:30 am flight didn’t leave until 6:30 but we had a long layover in Atlanta, so it worked out. Getting through immigration in Nassau took forever. And one of our suitcases was dropped off at the wrong hotel. It finally just arrived at our hotel. I’ll be crashing early tonight.

  3. Soup looks great. Looks like a tomato, basil and parmesan that my hubby’s great aunt made. She would make it in the summer when the tomatoes ripened even though it was best served piping hot.

    Hope that your tests come out perfectly and no changes in care protocols are required.

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