More Tampa fun

Thanks for all the well wishes, my appointments at Moffitt went well and other than repeating some labs in a couple months, I’m all good with my thyroid cancer follow up for another year.

So what are the chances of me spending all day at Moffitt and us going to a Bolts game that same night and it being a “Hockey Fights Cancer” night sponsored by Moffitt. It was fun AND we won! Don’t mind all the empty seats – this was taken during the warm up and the seats were filled by the time the game started. I’m still leery of being in crowds so I wore a mask but it still surprises me how many people don’t.

We’ve decided that we’ll do the same thing next year… wrap my annual follow up at Moffitt with a little Tampa vacay and a hockey game!

Today we walked along the River ….

…and had lunch at Sail – one of our favorite spots to bike to when we lived here.

The pirate ship brings back good memories of attending Gasparilla too!

Keith decided he needed a little nap before we meet our neighbors for happy hour … so I walked over to the library. I love spending time in libraries and kind of miss doing that at home. The public library in Jasper has moved to a really poor location while some construction is being done at the old site … I’m hoping they’re planning to move back when it’s done.


  1. Glad your appointments went well and that you got to attend a hockey game in person. That’s a nice bonus!

  2. Mary glad to hear your medical went well. It’s now five years for me that my thyroid was removed. Tampa looks like it was a nice place to live

  3. Linking something fun to a medical appointment is inspired – for years I went to a dentist whose office was right over an excellent discount shoe store. I figured that a new pair of shoes was an entitlement to balance out the dentist, and I still feel quite cheated when I go to the current shoe store-less dentist.


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