There’s a football game on tonight and a hockey game tomorrow so I need to get another blanket started. But first, I wove the ends in on this one that I finished crocheting before our Tampa trip.

Pattern is Blanket Stitch and it’s found free on Ravelry at this link. This pattern works up really nicely in the LionsBrand Mandala yarn and I think it’s the 3rd time I’ve used this pattern with the Mandala yarn.

Keith and I are having a quiet Thanksgiving with just the two of us … I always fix a Turkey breast rather than a whole Turkey and apparently this year they were in short supply because Keith brought home just a 3 pound breast – that won’t leave much for leftovers! Too bad he didn’t catch one of these guys – they were in the front yard earlier this week and would have had plenty of leftovers! Just kidding – I wouldn’t begin to know what to do with a fresh bird!

I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!


  1. I couldn’t find any turkey breast larger either. Not sure what happened to them! Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  2. They been warning people there will be a turkey shortage. Didn’t seem like a shortage here. Publix had plenty of turkeys but big ones. We actually found a 13 lb at Publix before they got their shipment.

  3. I also bought a 3 pound boneless turkey breast. They had bigger turkey breasts but they weren’t boneless. Your hats, blanket and quilts are beautiful.

  4. The blanket is beautiful! You make me want to start crocheting again. Maybe sometime in the new year.

  5. Congrats on another lovely blanket finish, Mary! We had a quiet Thanksgiving here. I tend to make a regular sized meal. Although, we did try Spatchcocked Turkey this year which is quite a production! The verdict is still out on if it was worth the extra effort.

  6. Beautiful afghan!! I’m getting ready to crochet 2 baby size afghans using the Baby Cakes. And going to do the linen stitch. Never have used either so I am hoping it goes well. Both babies due in the Spring so no time for do overs. I am also going to make each baby a quilt. Wish I was as speedy as you!

  7. Chris brought home some fresh turkey from his hunting trip to Nebraska. The taste of store bought doesn’t even compare to a wild one. It’s probably my favorite food. Love the blanket. I think the blanket stitch and Mandala yarn are a perfect match. I have some in my stash that needs to be worked up.

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