The last top for my Oct/Nov quilting marathon is quilted! It’s #15 and it took me 3 days – I just can’t stand at the machine for as long right now. Pantograph is Halcyon.

In the next few days I’ll get it trimmed and get the binding on and take it to Virginia with me next weekend. Mom is going to hand stitch it down.


  1. Congratulations on getting it done! I hope that you get answers (and a solution) to your back pain problems soon!

  2. Wonderful quilt! Wish I had a co-conspirator to sew bindings down, my least favorite part of quilting!


  3. For all the challenge this quilt has been, it sure turned out lovely. How sweet that your mom’s going to hand stitch the binding. Looking forward to some photos of your time with your mom. Praying for good news re your back.

  4. It’s beautiful!! Your Mom will stay nice and warm while stitching the binding down. Enjoy your visit with her!

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