I’ve got some Christmas gifts I want to get made so I got started today … I love these Reading Pillows for kids and you can find the free pattern at this link. I only use 2 different fabrics for mine … a fun print and a coordinating fabric.

And the back …

I don’t do a lot of non quilt related sewing but it’s nice to be able to make some cute gifts like these pillows and the tote bags I’ve made. What is your favorite non quilt related gift to sew?? Is there a free pattern online you can share with us??


  1. Great fabric choices! I’ve made a bunch of these reading pillows for my grandkids and for coworkers and other friends who saw them. The kids love them. I put handles on some and I notice the kids take them in the car when they go somewhere – usually with a book or small toy in that pocket.

  2. I love this pillow, I passed it on to a friend too. I can get totally hooked on purses/totes/bags. I go crazy making them. No special pattern that’s free.

  3. Hi Mary! Thanks for sharing these adorable projects. I have a three-year-old that would just swoon over the pillow. We already have a Belle book to give – it might as well be surrounded by a pillow, right? Of course, that opens the door for the need for a Batman and Thomas the Train pillow for each of her brother. Oh boy! Happy Friday! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Hi Mary,
    What a great pillow, the fabric is adorable.
    As a side note I will be sending some prayers for your surgery and a speedy recovery. (Not sure when that was happening_
    As always you are very inspiring.

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