It probably wasn’t a good day for quilting – I was stressed and distracted and made some mistakes that just had to come out. I’ve made a ton of these little Strippies over the years and until today I would have told you I could quilt them in my sleep!

Because I don’t trim the selvages off until after it’s quilted, I always use a single width of fabric for backing and there’s usually not much difference in the width with the front. Today, I forgot to baste down the side and had quilted several strips before realizing the backing had slipped over and had some big pleats.

I use these thread snips to pick out quilting stitches and I can’t remember the name/brand of mine but you can find a similar pair at this link. Can you see that little curved edge that slips right under the stitch?!

It took me a couple hours to pick out the stitches and my bad luck continued because I didn’t get everything lined back exactly right but I made it work. And since 3 times the charm … I also managed to put a slice in my thumb with the longarm needle as I was basting the bottom and had my thumb too close to the needle … luckily it was just a small cut and didn’t actually go through the thumb … I have done that before and it hurts a lot more!

Anyway, Leo’s Strippie is quilted but did not get bound today as I planned. Maybe that will get done tomorrow.


  1. Ugh. I feel your pain! It’s behind you now, so you can move on. I have those snips in several places, including every machine and travel kit. They’re my favorite for anything other than cutting fabric.

  2. Well ouch! Some days things just don’t go right- makes you appreciate the days when they do. Adorable strippie, as always.

  3. I hope the stress becomes less after your back is better. Have you tried some mediation to help? You are in my daily thoughts and prayers.

  4. When I saw the blog title, I knew it wasn’t a good day. But in the end, you have a darling quilt. I need to make more Strippie quilts next year.

  5. Thanks for all of your sharing. It is especially uplifting to know others also have to re-do things. Sometimes we think ours are the only mistakes. Hoping you have a restful holiday gail norback

  6. Ouch!! The final result is adorable, in spite of the interrupted process. Frogging isn’t a fun thing to have to do, but I guess it’s just a hazard for us all.

  7. Those scissors look like the suture scissors that I use to remove stitches.
    I hope that everything works out for you.

  8. I bought scissors like that at least 12 years ago at a quilt shop. Hubby says that they use those to take out sutures. He’s been an RN as well as a Physician’s Assistant. I’ve tied a bright red bow to them so I can see them when I need them.

  9. Oh dear… Some days are like that. It’s good that you didn’t do more damage to your thumb though. Love the heart quilting pattern!

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