Photo ornaments

Another Christmas task completed today. I give the kids ornaments with their photos each year … maybe over kill to do it every year but they enjoy them and it doesn’t take that much effort!


  1. Hi Mary! What cute pictures! I do this every year, too. Only I put them on our tree for now. The kids have fun looking at their own pictures, and then they try to guess who the baby pictures belong to. They never think they were babies themselves! Eventually. I’ll give them to each one of them for their own trees and to share with their peeps/kids/whatever. I’ve found a good selection at Michael’s – order online, curbside pickup at our local store. I like it that they have the little year charm so I don’t have to write on the back of the picture. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. It sounds like a good tradition to me, Mary. I think they might appreciate seeing the progression of their growth with each holiday ornament you give them. If it seems like overkill to them when they are older, they can choose the ones they like best and part with the rest.

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