A new blanket

I started a new linen stitch blanket the other night watching the Lightning play and worked on it during the game tonight. I love hockey season and I get a lot of crochet and knitting done during the games. I also did some piecing and knitting today so progress was made all around.

I’m a little boring with my blankets and tend to go to one of 4 patterns. A ripple, the blanket stitch, the linen stitch or a shell stitch. I can crochet all 4 without looking at the pattern once I get started which make them perfect for working on during the games.


  1. Very pretty!! I’m enjoying working on my linen stitch baby blanket. First one and love the simplicity of it! Won’t be my last one.

  2. So pretty, Mary; I am finishing off a tangerine dishcloth for a gift for my DIL –the nice lively color brightens my day as we have milky skies and 24 degrees here….Your blankets are so lovely–it’s fun to have handwork while watching tv…hugs, Julierose

  3. I adore this one. I think it is the colors. Yours are never boring, they are all different because of the coloring. I don’t know how to knit or crochet; I really admire the work you do. I hope you are doing ok. You and Keith have a blessed holiday.

  4. They always are so pretty because of your various yarns. I sit and watch TV and knit dish cloths. I used to crochet the shell pattern but stopped crocheting for many years. I need some help getting back into it as my attempts have been dismal. Yours however are great!

  5. The pretty colors keep those patterns from being boring. I used to do some crocheting, but haven’t done any in years now. The pretty yarn colors are very tempting however.

  6. Not boring and each offers warmth and a little bit of love from the maker. Sometimes it goes to a person you know and the love is easy to define but sometimes it is gifted to someone in need and a kind and gentle depth of caring are the lovejoy share. You are inspirational.

  7. I had not considered buying that color of Mandala Ombre because it just didn’t appeal to me in the cake, but it looks really beautiful and sophisticated in the linen stitch. I like boring for blankets too. I crochet to relax and do not want to spend too much time thinking about it except for an occasional garment. I’ve seen a lot of donation blankets and your 4 patterns are better than most everything I’ve seen!

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