It’s a mess!

I really need to take time to straighten and organize my sewing spaces but I hate taking time away from actually making something. If I was really disciplined I’d force myself to spend some time each day straightening one area before “allowing” myself to sew but I don’t see that happening. Maybe I could just choose one task once a week?!

Today, I took this jumbled bin of scraps and sorted them by color and put them in the cubby bins. As usual handling any of my scraps makes me realize that I accumulate them way faster than I use them.

Maybe next week I can deal with this mess?!


  1. I am convinced that scraps multiply in the scrap bin. It would be nice to have an elf come and tidy up our sewing spaces while we sleep. It is much more fun to sew

  2. Mary, Mary, Mary. If you want to see a real mess, I will send you some pictures. Wait, what am I saying? 🙂 I’m quite certain it is a scientific fact that fabric scraps, dust bunnies, and empty hangers all multiply in the dark.

  3. That is not a mess. My junk has moved throughout the house because I can’t lift above my head so that cuts out over half my storage. Dining room chairs are full of Christmas fabric. The couch has 3 tops paired with backing and batting that my shoulder pain hasn’t allowed me to quilt. I hope you get an opportunity to straighten up before the surgery but in my world it wouldn’t be distracting enough.

  4. The sewing area that I have is smaller than yours and I have only been quilting 2 1/2 years. It is much worse than yours. I seem to be someone who is trying to put 150% in an area that cannot hold even 100%. The boxes and bags are still coming, yikes. I think it is the nature of quilting, unless you get rid of the scraps as you go.

  5. I knew a woman who hated scraps so she just got rid of them, giving them away. I put mine in a big tub and when it’s overflowing, I deal with them then. I once bought 3 black huge trash bags of scraps from a professional quilter for $1.00 each at a sale. What a bargain! They were $10 each,(no one would buy them),and I arrived at the end of the sale and her husband begged me to buy them for $1 each. They were so heavy I couldn’t lift even one, he carried them to my car. I used my Accuquilt and it took months to get it cut up. I don’t enjoy cutting scraps now.

  6. Try as I might, I know I’ll never get my scraps under control. It would be a miracle if I actually emptied a bin by actually using all the fabric inside.

  7. Hi Mary! You do provide inspiration for your readers. I have to agree with the others – this isn’t much of a mess. That tote could have been stuffed much more with scraps – put the cover and it and call it a day. However, I know that you will be preparing some scrap quilts for your Mom, soon, won’t you? I can hardly wait to see what you decide to make next. I just got an Accuquilt cutter, and am trying to figure out what die(s) I absolutely need. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Merry Christmas to you and your family. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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