One thing I miss about living in Minneapolis is the snow! I used to love walking along the river and downtown in the snow.

We get a little here in North Georgia but we don’t drive these mountain roads in it. Now I just keep looking outside and watching it come down.


  1. Snow is that kind of 4 letter world in my book. It is beautiful as long as I am sealed in a house. When we go to Vermont and the niece and nephew who loan us their cabin delight in the snowfalls because they tease me about the snow. I hope you enjoy your reverse snowglobe moments.

  2. I like it now that I am retired and don’t have to drive 1 hour plus in it to get to work. When I worked I hated every inch of it here in Connecticut. I am still keeping you in my prayers.

  3. I really like winter most of the time, and definitely like it much better when we have snow to cover up the frozen countryside. We used to ski every winter and that made it fun. I miss skiing.

  4. We started with a dusting on the ground Friday morning and now have 3 feet. It was a blizzard Friday through to Monday morning. Still falling but less frequently. Hoping for a bit of a melt on Thursday or else we will have to clean off the roof. I like the snow but not the bitter cold. Great weather to sew and knit.

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