Hat #33

Hat # 32 is still in progress but I finished up this one today. Pattern is Flowered Miss and it’s from one of my books.

It has a nice looking crown and I’m liking this simple pattern for the leftover skeins. I can usually get 2 hats from each skein with the yarns I’m using although depending on which pattern I use for hat #1, the 2nd hat is usually smaller.

I had intended to quilt a top today but it was later in the day when I got downstairs so I got it loaded and ready to go for tomorrow.

I did gather some hat and blanket yarns in one bin to work on after my surgery which is now scheduled for Jan 12. I won’t use this much yarn but I like to have choices!


  1. I’m glad your surgery date is set. I prepared projects to work on after my last surgery, and I’m glad I had them ready and you will, too.

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